Opinion: the irony of the white walls of the Creative Arts Center

During the renovation of Wright State’s Creative Arts Center (CAC) last year, the building has been “modernized.” It has been transformed into an innovative center meant to sufficiently accommodate all the student artists who study and create here at Wright State University. A loose definition of modern architecture describes a design that ignores tradition.

This is evident in the walls of the CAC being completely white. Blank. Ironic?

These empty canvases deserve life. The minds that journey into this center for all types of arts should be welcomed with inspiration. The building should demonstrate a personal feel, while these tall, lonely walls create an impersonal, distant environment.

While the unlevel floors and colorful, abnormal furniture pieces ease the lack of emotion presented by the bare walls, it is not enough. They are thirsting for color and imagination to cover them.

The CAC is where minds and souls come to explore and explode. Where lungs expand and contract with excitement to paint, dance, act, play, and create. Where hearts bleed art. Each stroke intentional and each note internal. Is this what we see and feel when greeted and surrounded by pale paint?

As they say, if these walls could talk…they’d scream for chaos. Ease their pain, and paint. Share life with these dead and desperate canvases.