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Day: April 8, 2018

Blood test found to detect risk of developing Alzheimer's

A lab in Germany has developed a blood test that can be useful in detecting the early warning signs and risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The story was first reported by The article by EMBO goes on to explain how the test works and what it detects in a person’s blood. “One of the […]

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How much sleep do college students actually get?

College students are known to get little sleep, often caused when sleep patterns become disrupted due to stress, sickness, extracurricular activities, work, academics and a variety of personal reasons. Staying up late at night can also contribute to sleep disturbance. “Twenty percent of students pull all-nighters at least once a month and 35 percent stay […]

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Dayton Mall Elder-Beerman is expected to close

The Elder-Beerman at the Dayton Mall, a department store known for its’ expensive clothing and home products, is expected to close. An estimated amount of over 122 workers received a notice about layoffs potentially taking in the incoming months, according to Dayton Daily News. In early January, Bon Ton Stores Inc. announced they were expecting […]

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"Modern Therapy" — the phone counseling service for college students

Brandon Christensen and his wife Cassie worked together to create a tele-mental health company called Modern Therapy. “My wife, who is a therapist, would see clients in person and would always mention some of the common barriers that traditional therapy presents like stigma, high cost, and lack of accessibility. My background is in technology, and […]

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