Fitness Classes Back for Fall Semester

Fitness Classes Back for Fall Semester

The Wright State University Department of Campus Recreation recently released the fall schedule of exercise classes to be offered in the Fitness Center.

All fitness classes are free for students, however, they are also open to staff, faculty, alumni and associates with the purchase of a group exercise pass. Passes can be purchased at the recreation desk for five dollars a day, $45 a semester or $80 a year.

Classes are offered at various times throughout the week to try and accommodate as many participants’ schedules as possible. Classes start at 7:15 a.m. Monday through Thursday. Most classes are 45 to 50 minutes but 30 minute express classes are offered every day at 11:30 a.m. The express classes that will be offered this semester include TRX, Barre Blend and Battle Ropes Circuit.

In total, 28 classes will be offered a week, encompassing 13 different styles of fitness classes. Some of the more popular styles include Zumba, a fitness class inspired by Latin Dance, and TRX which was developed by Navy SEALS suspension training that utilizes one’s own body weight to create a total body workout.

Wisnu Sugiarto, a graduate student, frequents the fitness classes for several reasons. These reasons include the convenient on campus location, clean studios and free price.

“My favorite class is definitely Total Body Circuit. The class itself offers good workout material. I like the variety and the level of difficulty,” stated Sugiarto. Total Body Circuit is offered Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:15 a.m.

“I also like having a morning class. While I tend to be half-awake, a morning workout class gives me more energy throughout the day. Also, it allows me to start my day productively.”
When asked how Sugiarto stays awake during the class, he praised the instructor for keeping the class upbeat and interesting.

“The instructor is great. I appreciate having an instructor who is nice, but also does not hesitate to coach me, especially if I am doing something wrong,” Sugiarto added

Karly Boerger, a senior, has also been attending fitness classes while at Wright State.

“My favorite fitness class would definitely have to be the Zumba class. The instructor, Jan, uses pretty modern songs but throws in some good old ones which makes it more fun for me. Jan has taught me so much more than how to dance in her classes.” Boerger is on the fall schedule teaching a few different classes.

“One class I am teaching this fall is boot camp. It’s basically an Insanity workout that drills your body in a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) mode. Be prepared to sweat and maybe shed a few tears in this class! For something less intense, I am teaching intro to fitness walking, so come out and see how simply taking a stroll can help your health.”

Fitness classes begin August 27th. The full schedule of classes can be found on the Wright State website or posted at the recreation desk of the Fitness Center.