Intramural sports registration begins

Intramural sports registration begins

The Wright State University Department of Campus Recreation will again be offering several intramural sports for students to participate in for the upcoming fall semester.

Intramurals provide students with organized recreation in a wide array of sports.

Sports for the fall semester include: soccer, sand volleyball, flag football, 3v3 basketball, kickball and several tournaments.

The cost to play varies with the type of sport and size of the team but the average cost is around $5 per player for the season. Several of the tournaments are free of cost, including the popular Canoe Battleship Tournament; where teams of four get into canoes and try to sink other canoes by flooding them with water.

Registration for all sports and tournaments can be completed through the online platform, New students will be asked to sign-up for an account, utilizing their Wright State email address to do so. Once the account is created, students can view the sports offered and the times the once-a-week games will be played.

Students can create teams with friends or they have the option to request to join a team as a “free agent”. Team captains have the option to deny these players.

There is no limit to how many teams a student can play on, however, there are certain teams that have requirements. Co-ed divisions need a certain number of male and female players on the roster as well as a minimum and maximum number of players on the roster.

Student workers in the intramural sports office praise the benefits of participating in the organized sports offered.

Jacob Wells, a senior Intramural Official and Supervisor, actively participates in several sports a semester and believes students should consider trying a sport.

“The top three reasons to participate in intramural sports are exercise, healthy competition, and a great way to make new friends,” said Wells.

Soccer is the most popular intramural sport. Soccer is offered in the fall, winter and spring. Like most sports, soccer offers a men’s, women’s and co-ed league.
For more information or questions about Intramural Sports, students can visit the Intramural and Club Sport office located at 039 Student Union.