BREAKING: Faculty contract negotiations to be delayed

BREAKING: Faculty contract negotiations to be delayed

The contract negotiation process between faculty and university administration has been delayed. The fact-finding report, a review of the contract from an impartial party, was originally due on Sept 11. It is now scheduled for release on Oct. 29., according to a public email from the Wright State Office of Communications. The Fact-Finder cited “personal reasons” as the reason for the delay, according to the Communications email.

Contract negotiations have taken place since Jan. 2017. “While the parties have agreed on many of the articles in the next contract, several articles remain unresolved,” the Communications email reads.

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Wright State’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP-WSU) does not expect the compromises in the Fact-Finder’s report to be acceptable, according to Martin Kich, president of AAUP-WSU.

The faculty union had set a tentative strike date for Oct 1., which is now projected to take place in November due to the delay in fact-finding. A strike cannot take place until both faculty and administration vote to accept or reject the Fact-Finder’s report.

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“This allows the faculty more time to prepare for a potential strike, which could still happen before the end of the semester,” said Noeleen McIlvenna, contract administration officer for AAUP-WSU. “We hope, however, that the central administration will take the opportunity to negotiate a fair contract that puts quality education first.”

Wright State is “hopeful” that the two parties can agree on a contract, according to the Communications email. “The university is doing everything in its power to reach a collective bargaining agreement with AAUP-WSU and avert a strike. Maintaining the quality of academic programs and meeting the needs of our students has been and will always be the highest priority at Wright State University.”