Wright State to engage in handful of maintenance projects

WSU Student Union 2nd floor construction. Photograph: Michael Krieger/The Guardian

Wright State University received 13.6 million dollars in Capital funding for the 2019-20 fiscal year. The money will go toward nine maintenance projects across campus.

The impetus behind the projects is “to look at our highest campus needs and to look very broadly,” said Walt Branson, Chief Business Officer at Wright State. “We might have been able to spend all the funding on any one of these projects but we wanted to make progress in a lot of areas.”

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The projects include:

* Maintenance to building envelopes across campus, targeting walls, windows, louvers and vertical surfaces that are leaking.

* A campus-wide safety initiative which seeks to make the university safer for students and maintenance staff. It includes “fire sprinkler upgrades, repairs to fire shutters in a few new buildings [and] general fault protection on the roofs of the building to ensure safe environments for maintenance staff,” according to Rob Thompson, University Architect.

* Repairs to the tunnels beneath the Quad and around the oldest portions of campus.

* Roof repairs for buildings across campus, specifically targeting the Biological Science buildings, Allyn Hall, Brehm Laboratory and the Mathematical and Microbiological Sciences building.

* Wireless infrastructure upgrades which will integrate newer devices to keep up with accelerating technology. Some Wi-Fi access points across campus are outdated and this project will bring them in line with current standards.

* Improvements to the paving of Center Park Boulevard, Loop Road and Raider Road, planned for summer 2019.

* Upgrades to HVAC equipment and control systems across campus to minimize utility costs and bring these systems up to current standards of energy efficiency. * Two projects targeting the Dunbar Library, which The Guardian previously reported on.

Wright State University will also be adding a handicap-accessible ramp to the east entrance of Oelman Hall, facing the Quad. Construction is planned to begin in September and will last for a few months. This project will be one of the last in a series of classroom modifications that started two years ago.

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