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Day: October 31, 2018

SGA responds to Fact Finder report

On Monday, Oct. 29 the Fact Finder, an impartial third party reviewing all unresolved issues – including retrenchment, workload, healthcare, furloughs, summer teaching rights and raises released their report. The report showed out of these articles, six were in favor of the administration’s proposals and one was in favor of the American Association of University […]

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Photograph: Lucas Gonzalez/The Guardian.

Wright State professors discuss significance of midterm election in public forum

Last Tuesday, Wright State professors spoke in a forum on campus to address the importance of this upcoming midterm election. The forum was hosted by the School of Public and International Affairs. Speakers included Lee Hannah and Edward Fitzgerald, professors of political science; Jonathan Winkler, a professor of history; and Mandy Shannon, head of Instruction […]

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Career Corner: Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the Latin term for “course of life”. As opposed to a resume, which summarizes your credentials, a CV lets you go into detail about your personal, professional and academic achievements. CV’s are generally used by students with a graduate degree, PhD’s or employees with years of work experience. They are used […]

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