UAB Stress Reliever

UAB Stress Reliever

Is that 3,000-word paper weighing down on you? That upcoming, tricky final stressing you out? Not to worry! Head down to the Rathskeller room on Dec. 4 for the University Activities Board (UAB) Stress Reliever event, with fun activities to help you relax. The Stress Reliever will be held in the Student Union Atrium from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“Our goal with the event is to let students relieve anything that may hinder their ability to get through finals week successfully,” said Cody Pack, UAB Director of Campus Events. “There is a variety of things to do, like massage therapy, painting and smashing plates.”

Two rooms are designated for different kinds of activities; loud activities like bubble wrap and plate smashing will take place in the Rathskeller room, while quiet and relaxing activities like massage therapy and painting are in the Student Union Atrium.

“The plate smashing became a hit as soon as it happened. Students write things on plates that stress them out or they are angry about and smash them,” said Pack. “Along with that, we will be having three massage therapists coming and doing sessions for the duration of the event. Students will have the opportunity to sign up for 10-minute slots throughout the event.”

Canvases and paint will be provided as well, so students can paint anything they want and take it home.

UAB has been hosting this event for over five years now, and safe to say, it is a pretty popular event. Students and staff are welcome; plus, it is a free event with snow cones. What’s not to love?

“Students love to prepare for their finals week and having fun is one of the best ways to do that,” said Pack. “We want the students to be able to relax and get ready for finals week in a fun way, one that they will remember.”