Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscopes

Week of 19-23

ARIES – You’re the queen/king bee when it comes to your social circles Aries! Everyone always looks to you to lead the hive. Take a step back this week though and let some other little bees take the lead though. Be a listener instead of the speaker.

TAURUS – Your ruling planet clashes with Pluto this week Taurus. Leaving you a little frazzled. Someone will offer you a cookie on Friday that will give you a new found insight. Hopefully its chocolate chip.

GEMINI – Your fear of skittles will get the best of you on Tuesday Gemini. Someone will throw the rainbow at you and you will need to decide how to act accordingly. Don’t show your fear but instead try to take advantage of this odd situation by catching the skittles in your mouth. Overcome your fears this week.

CANCER – You will find yourself in an unlikely place at the end of the week dear Cancer. This new experience will change your mindset and show you the happier things in life. Don’t be afraid to adventure out of your comfort zone.

LEO – Don’t pass up that scratch off lotto ticket machine this week Leo. Get yourself a ticket and you might find yourself $15 richer! Take that money to a nearby ice cream shop and indulge in your favorite dish. You will meet the love of your life while waiting on your ice cream.

VIRGO – Toss on your lucky scarf today Virgo you’re in for a busy week! Social engagements start to pile up for the weekend and it’s okay to say no when you feel overwhelmed! Don’t get too caught up with a chatty Aries though, this person cannot be trusted.

LIBRA – What are your goals in life Libra? Your goals for the year? Spend time this week reevaluating the things you wanted to accomplish for the 2018 year. The eat healthier goal can always roll on into next year, you enjoy that extra dose of carbs at Thanksgiving.

SCORPIO – Are you unhappy with your job Scorpio? The stars sense instability in your career and see that your boss is a total airhead. We suggest starting your own business! Try your hand at flower arrangements, incorporate unique objects and candy into them!

SAGITTARIUS – You’ll find yourself in an intense mood this week Sagittarius. People will feel you staring holes through their heads and running from you. Take a moment to reflect on why you’re emotions are running high. It’s okay to admit that you drove to Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday.

CAPRICORN – The moon is centered with Mars this week Capricorn giving you time to reflect on your relationships. If your partner likes to throw trash on the ground instead of throwing it in the designated trash can then throw that person away. If they treat the Earth like trash they prob treat you like trash too.

AQUARIUS – The stars find you in a very deep thoughtful state today Aquarius! Over the weekend you’re planet will light up the communication sector of your chart leading to meaningful conversations with those around you.

PISCES – Avoid people using juuls Pisces. They are not trustworthy. During the weekend your patience will be tested but you will remain resilient. Try some breathing techniques and a nap. Enjoy the time off with family and friends. Spending time at home at the end of the week is important.