Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscopes


ARIES – Competitions are easy to fall into this week, Aries. Don’t be tempted to rush to the end. Take your time. Try the tortoise approach instead of the hare in situations this week.

TAURUS – You feel inspired to go on an adventure this week, Taurus! Have you tried a new hiking trail or food truck lately? You have something to get off your chest this weekend but it’s nothing new. It’s okay to rehash the dirty laundry argument. You feel like you need to express it again.

GEMINI – Issues concerning trust and intimacy come to the surface as the Moon in Aries illuminates a very private sector of your sign. Share your feelings and reflect on your deepest, most complicated emotions. It’s time to get in your feels (cue Drake).

CANCER – Concentrate on your relationships this week, Cancer. Intense topics of conversations come up early in the week. You may run into some friends from the past this weekend. Embrace these encounters and meditate on them.

LEO – You’re in a busy mood this week, Leo, thanks to the current Moon phase. You’ll have to handle some intense conversations later this week, watch out for a snarky witch stirring up drama in your friend circles.

VIRGO – You might find yourself in a private mood early on in the week. Exciting news about your career arrives with big shake-ups taking place on Saturday. Despite all the changes, you will remain level headed.

LIBRA – The Moon enters its middle month phase, Libra, lighting up the communication sector of your chart.  Exciting and helpful news comes your way on Wednesday. You are all that and a bag of chips!

SCORPIO – The Moon is eclipsing somewhere, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your money as well as your sense of self-worth. Surprises arrive later in the week, but don’t worry — you have it under control.

SAGITTARIUS – Be gentle with yourself this week, Sagittarius! The Moon enters sensitive water signs, encouraging you to catch up on rest, even though some expected tasks will come your way early on. Ask for help if you need it!

CAPRICORN – Make sure you are looking at the big picture and stay open-minded in tense situations this week, Capricorn. Unexpected news arrives later in the weekend but dependable people are here to support you. Your team is standing on the sidelines cheering for you!

AQUARIUS – Excitement at work or in your public life arrives this week, Aquarius. The Moon is encouraging you to get organized and be productive to achieve your goals. Also take time on Sunday to reflect on your habits around health and wellness.

PISCES – Mars rotation encourages fun, creative, vibes this week, Pisces! Get out your canvas or sketchbook and doodle from the heart. Maybe enjoy some romance too! That said, you still have to be responsible, so don’t get too wild… just wild enough!