Fitness Friday: Total Body Circuit

Fitness Friday: Total Body Circuit


Circuit training is an easy way to increase your overall fitness level and work all the important body parts. Unlike running or cycling, circuit training allows you to incorporate strength training with small amounts of cardio. For this week’s Fitness Friday, we have an easy circuit that can be completed on your own. If you are looking for more circuit opportunities, Wright State offers a Total Body Circuit class twice a week.

For each station, complete 45 seconds of the first exercise, rest for 15 seconds and then complete 45 seconds of the second exercise before moving on to the next station.

*Warm up for five minutes

Dynamic stretches

* Station One


Push press

* Station Two

Jumping jacks

High knees

* Station Three



* Station Four



* Station Five

Wall sit

Mountain climbers

* Station Six


Tricep dips

* Cool down for five minutes