Organization Spotlight: Entrepreneurship Club

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One of the great things about Wright State is the vast number of clubs and organizations it has and the different opportunities each offers. If you are someone who is competitive, determined, creative and passionate about starting your own business, the Entrepreneurship Club might be just the thing for you.

“The Entrepreneurship Club is a student organization with three main goals: we want to build a community for like-minded individuals to meet and network with each other, connect our members with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and provide experiential learning,” said Tyler Rupert, president of the Entrepreneurship Club.

Founded in the summer of 2017, the Entrepreneurship Club is just getting started.

“We have plans to start a business, so [members] will get experience in sales and accounting,” said Rupert.

Along with the opportunity of real-world experience, weekly meetings provide great participation with its members.

“We bring in speakers, have group activities and exercises. Our weekly meetings are planned by a committee of executive board officers and any member of the club can join the committee and help plan the meetings; and they can try anything they want to,” said Rupert.

Meeting aren’t only for members, they are open to prospective members as well.

“Anyone is able to come to the meetings; right now, there is no barrier to becoming a member. To be a member of the club you’ve got to express interest and come out,” Rupert said.

The Entrepreneurship Club currently has fifteen to twenty active members and would like to have more next semester.

“Anyone can join, they don’t have to be from a particular major. Not only do we want to be open to everybody, we want an even split of as many different majors, backgrounds and experiences as we can have. Entrepreneurship is relevant to any major and any career path can benefit,” said Rupert.

Although the Entrepreneurship Club is just starting up, it has many things in store.

“[One event] we have in mind is a networking event to bring in local entrepreneurs as well as an event early next semester with the Marketing Club, which will be like a career fair and before next semester we are wrapping up the plan for a game night for everyone to come and get to know each other,” Rupert added.

If not for the great opportunities and experiences to be had, join for its exceptionally supportive members.

“I try to make myself available to anyone who is interested. I’ll sit down with anyone who wants to talk about anything they think I could help with or specifically with the club,” said Rupert.

With a passionate president who is dedicated to helping anyone and everyone, this is a club you want to be a part of.