Rock Garden Painting  

Photograph provided by Natasha Stewart.

The Gerontology Club is hosting a Rock Garden Painting event on Tuesday, Dec. 4. Similar to what is done with kindness rocks, the Rock Garden Painting event allows participants the freedom to decorate rocks which will be donated.  

“Gerontology is the study of aging. I think that’s a pretty important thing to explore. If we’re lucky, we’re all aging,” said Natasha Stewart, president of the Gerontology Club.  

The Gerontology Club focuses on the importance of aging and establishing a relationship with the older generation.

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“The group allows the chance to have inter-generational interaction, so the younger and older generations come together through volunteering or have shared educational or social experiences,” said Stewart.

Even though it is something every single person on this earth has in common, the privilege of aging isn’t something that is thought of often, unfortunately.

“We would like to educate staff, faculty, students and the public on aging, being prepared for aging and how to successfully age,” said Stewart.  

As a fairly new organization, the Gerontology Club is just getting started and has many plans for the future.

“We have set up opportunities for the Gerontology Club as well as anyone who wants to collaborate to go out and do volunteer opportunities next semester,” Stewart said.

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If you’re looking forward to the Rock Garden Painting event, look out for their upcoming art project they have in store.  

“We are also planning an art project with some of the seniors from Patriot Ridge Community which is a nursing home in Fairborn and is where all of our rocks will be going for this activity,” Stewart added.  

You can sign up for the Rock Garden Painting event on their Engage or Facebook page or show up to the table they will be having in the Student Union from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

The Gerontology Club currently has 10 members and looks forward to welcoming anyone who is interested in joining their club.  

“All majors are welcome, whether you’re undeclared or incoming freshman or last semester graduate student, alumni, everyone is welcome. We would never turn anyone away. Everyone’s input is valued because no one is going to experience aging the same way,” said Stewart.