Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscopes


ARIES – The Moon meets with Neptune, bringing inspiration as well as some whimsical dreams. Just watch out for paranoia! Opening secret doors of transformation in your dreams may take place in real life; it’s like real-life Monsters Inc.

TAURUS – The Moon is in sensitive water sign this week, so you’re in an emotional mood. However, the cosmic energy is also very conducive to creating big changes and breaking old habits. Instead of skipping breakfast, get in the habit of eating Trix!

GEMINI – The Moon in Pisces encourages you to kick a bad habit on Tuesday. Time to out that habit of chewing on your toenails. Get yourself organized. You’re a relationship person, so focus on your relationship with your peers this week.

CANCER – You’re in an emotional mood. However, the cosmic energy is also very conducive to creating big changes and encouraging you to think outside the box! Build a pillow fort and start brainstorming your goals!

LEO – The Moon is orbiting quicker than normal, finding you in a creative and flirtatious mood. Juicy information comes your way this this week! People are eager to connect this weekend and an affectionate energy is in the air.

VIRGO – You will find yourself in a nostalgic mood this week. This is a wonderful time to energetically cleanse your home and relive your high school memories through yearbooks. Themes concerning security and your reputation are on your mind.

LIBRA – The communication sector of your chart is priority this week, Libra, and indeed, some very intense conversations arrive this week. Your friends may have some interesting insight to spill on your recent date.

SCORPIO – The stars are illuminating the sector of your chart that rules wealth and self-worth. Trust your intuition this week — it’s especially sharp over the weekend. Don’t make any deals with a man dressed as gardener.

SAGITTARIUS – The Moon is in your sign this week, Sagittarius. Make time for self-care. This week is a wonderful time to network with powerful people, while this brings opportunities to enjoy time with your partners.

CAPRICORN – The stars are encouraging you to get some rest and catch up on alone time. Your psychic abilities are strong on Thursday! Spend time in meditation to connect with your inner voice, but if your inner voice starts singing We Will Rock You, seek medical help.

AQUARIUS – The Moon is encouraging you to spend time with your friends, as well as reflect on the causes you believe in. How do you want to take action to make the world a better place?

PISCES – This weeks’ stars are feeling a little creative, Pisces, which illuminates the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation. This week is especially potent for getting help from people in the know. Think outside the box to get a project done.