Breaking: WSU Administration files ULP Against AAUP-WSU

Rike Hall Flyers. Photograph: Sarah Cavender/The Guardian.

On Friday Jan 18, Wright State University administration filed an unfair labor practice charge against the faculty union, Wright State’s chapter of American Association of University Professors.

In a press release from the university, the charges include: misleading members about intent to strike, threatening deans and departments chairs, asking the resignation of those in the positions of chair and dean, informing graduate assistants and adjunct faculty to not assist the university in continuing work.

The charge against the union also includes the union demanding local teachers join the strike and not work for the university and giving misleading information to students.

“SERB must order AAUP-WSU to cease and desist from the conduct described below and from any other unfair labor practices in violation of R.C. 47117.11(B) and also take any other necessary remedial action to assure the strike is lawful,” according to the unfair labor practice filed.

This is a breaking story and will continue to be updated.