Dayton’s Not Dead: Funk Music Hall of Fame

Entrance to the Funk Hall of Fame, Dayton. Photograph: Michael Krieger/The Guardian

A funk museum in downtown Dayton holds memorabilia and artifacts from musicians that pioneered the way for funk music all over the nation.

The mission of the Funk Music Hall of Fame and Exhibition Center, located at 113 E. 3rd St., is to educate, honor and preserve the history of funk music, according to its mission. David Webb, the center’s president and CEO, said that it is important to spread awareness of funk music to the public.

The museum has been a ten-year project in the making for Webb. The first five years of the organization involved research, creation and implementation, Webb explained.

Many efforts to open the doors of the museum and continue expansion are from continuous hard work, volunteers support and philanthropic peoples, Webb said.

“Ohio is the heart of it all for funk music and Dayton, Ohio is the nerve center of funk,” Webb said.


Visits to the museum must be done by appointment but all are welcome, Webb said. “We want people to enjoy themselves. When people call, we know that they are coming and they are serious about it,” Webb said.

Tours are frequent at the museum and large group tours are available Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only. The museum is closed every Sunday and Monday.

The museum wants to continue educating people, especially those from the area, of the history Dayton, Ohio has to offer and all that Ohioans and many others have contributed to the music.

The Funk Center was ranked number forty-one on a list of the top one hundred things to do in Dayton, Ohio by The Dayton Daily News.

Webb said that people from all across the world come to visit the Funk Center; from places such as Spain, Germany, France, England and Japan.

The organization is in stage three of a five-level expansion plan with many upcoming events that can be found on all social media platforms. Be on the lookout for more to come from The Funk Museum Hall of Fame and Exhibition Center in the near future.