Netflix Review: Bird Box 

Photo from The Verge.

Let me preface this article by saying that this is a peculiar yet brilliant film. With a heart-stopping opening scene that makes you feel as if the character is warning you of the dangers that lay ahead, “Bird Box” is a captivating film that immerses you into a horrifying, apocalyptic world from start to finish.  

The film starts out with the leading lady, Sandra Bullock, guiding two children on a mission to save their lives. The first scene alone has the audience’s mind racing and trying to figure out what is happening.  

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Let’s start off by saying that typically, any movie with Bullock in it is bound to be a good one; she does not often disappoint. However, Bullock isn’t the only one to make this film the masterpiece that it is. With a star-studded cast, viewers will recognize many faces: Sarah Paulson from “American Horror Story”, Danielle Macdonald from “Dumplin’”, Tom Hollander from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, singer Machine Gun Kelly, BD Wong from “Jurassic Park” and many more.  

Within the first several minutes, “Bird Box” shows news coverage of mass suicides in different countries, with death tolls above ten thousand. If the first scene in this movie doesn’t get your attention, this sure will.  

As people everywhere start killing themselves, the characters quickly find out that sight has now become their death sentence. Out of nowhere, people get a strange look on their face, their eyes change completely and then they kill themselves.   

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The outside world has become a dangerous dystopia; if you look, you die. While “Bird Box” is fascinating in the way of its storytelling, it can be compared to other films. For example, this movie is very much like M. Night Shyamalan’s film “The Happening” and John Krasinski’s film “A Quiet Place”. Both these films are similar in the fact that there is something outside that is deadly. Although these three films are comparable, it doesn’t take away from the fact that each is compelling in its own way of storytelling.  

The film has become so popular that it shocked even Netflix, tweeting that in its first seven days, over 45 million Netflix accounts had already watched “Bird Box”. The film has also earned itself many memes, and as we all know, if you become a meme, you’ve basically made it in life.  

The only complaint that this movie has the possibility to receive is the ending. Without any spoilers, “Bird Box” could have had a way better, more satisfying ending. Besides that, it is 100 percent worth watching. It received a 65 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.8/10 on IMDb.