POW/MIA chair installed in the Nutter Center

Nutter Center interior seating. Photograph: Jessica Fugett/The Guardian


On Saturday, Jan. 26, a POW/MIA chair was officially installed in the Nutter Center. The chair is located in section 209 and has a plaque that explains its significance: it honors members of our armed forces who have not come home to their families.

To commemorate such a significant addition to the Wright State campus, members of SGA and the VMC put on a banquet before the 7 p.m. basketball game.

Ivan Mallett, SGA Chief of Staff and spearhead of the POW/MIA chair project, led the discussion, explaining how he was able to get the chair installed and thanking those who helped along the way.

Originally wanting a POW/MIA flag installed on the campus flagpole, but deciding to go big or go home, Mallett was successful in raising the funds for the chair. He could not be more proud.

“The POW/MIA chair being installed in the Nutter Center is my proudest achievement to date. I’m so thankful for the help of the VMC to make this possible,” Mallett wrote, sharing a picture of the chair on social media.

The ceremony also featured a benediction from SGA President Daniel Palmer, a guest speaker and a POW/MIA table that was explained by members of the Wright State Army ROTC.

Photo by: Ivan Mallett/Student Government Association


The POW/MIA table, or commonly referred to as the Missing Man table, was set up to remember and honor those who are prisoners of war or are missing in action.

Although commonly used at military balls, the addition of the table really showcased the importance of remembering those who have not returned home, highlighting why it was necessary to install a POW/MIA chair at Wright State.

It is the hope of those who led the charge to have this chair installed in the Nutter Center that students and visitors will walk by it, notice it and think of those who are not with us.

The POW/MIA chair gives the campus a permanent reminder and way to honor the service members who are unable to fill the seat because of their sacrifices to our country.