Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscopes

For January 7 through 11

The stars are giving you your weekly predictions in the form of a Jaden Smith quote this week.



“I think that there is that special equation for everything, but I don’t think our mathematics have evolved enough for us to even I think there’s, like, a whole new mathematics that we’d have to learn to get that equation. It’s beyond mathematical. It’s, like, multidimensional mathematical, if you can sort of understand what I’m saying.”


“Whenever You Disagree With Somebody Just Remember The Dress And Accept That You Guys Are SEEING Two Different Things.”


“When Life Gives You Big Problems, Just Be Happy You Forgot All Your Little Problems.”


“Man I’m sorry, I ain’t eat today Cause I didn’t know what I should eat today Full or hungry, don’t know what the difference is I just hope we work out all our differences Cause I be flyin’ where them pigeons is”


“Stop Gossiping Reflect Internally You Will Find Yourself A Neglected Part Of Yourself.”


“The thing that people don’t get is everything at this house is free. So I can get anything and everything at his house, so I’m going to be there 20, 30 more years.”


“Everything that I talk about in my music is pretty much just trying to evolve consciousness in the world and help everything become better and brighter.”


“If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth.”


“So when one thought goes into your mind, it’s not just one thought, it has to bounce off both hemispheres of the brain. When you’re thinking about something happy, you’re thinking about something sad. When you think about an apple, you also think about the opposite of an apple. It’s a tool for understanding mathematics and things with two separate realities. But for creativity: That comes from a place of oneness. That’s not a duality consciousness. And you can’t listen to your mind in those times — it’ll tell you what you think and also what other people think.”


“Instagram is not the answer.”


“People Think A RelationShip Makes You Whole, That It’s Two 50%’s Coming Together To Make 100% When It Should Be Two 100%’s Making 200%”


“And everything you say is something that you can’t reverse / Something that you can’t rehearse.”