Winter beach vacation pros and cons

Winter beach vacation pros and cons

When most people think of a beach vacation, they think about the summer sun or spring break; most people probably do not consider winter a good time to go. While it may be winter here in Ohio, it sure doesn’t feel like it in places like Florida, making winter an option when looking to go on a relaxing beach vacation. Here are the pros and the cons to visiting the beach during the winter months:

* Pro: It’s the off season

Off season for most beaches means less people and less traffic

* Con: The ocean is cold

The water is very cold during the winter months so if you are all about playing in the waves, this
is not the time to visit.

* Pro: Most pools are heated

If you are looking for warm water, most resorts have heated pools for the guests to enjoy.

* Con: You won’t be suntanning

This is a con for those who are looking to get tan on their vacation because the sun isn’t strong enough to tan any skin.

* Pro: The weather is mild

For those who don’t like to be drenched in sweat on their vacation, this is the time to go. Most beaches in Florida experience temperatures around the low 70s and high 60s during this time.