Fun Valentine’s Day gift and date ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means it is time to start thinking about gift ideas and date locations.

Chocolate and flowers are great but they’re typical gifts. Here are some non-typical Valentine’s Day gifts to consider:

* Clothes

* Lingerie (this may be typical to some couples but to others this could be different and fun)

* Their favorite snack (not everyone likes chocolate)

* A mixtape

* A plant

* Nudes

* Their favorite movie or book

* Spotify Premium, Netflix, Hulu, etc. subscription

* Tickets to a show or game

* Poster, picture frame or other personalized decorations

When it comes down to it, just make sure to get a gift for your significant other that is personal and proves that you listen to them and know where their interests lie.

As for your date, what if you and your partner don’t want to go to dinner and a movie? Valentine’s Day date nights can be standard as well.

Fun date ideas for Valentine’s Day:

* Ice skating

* Axe throwing

* Bowling

* Roller skating

* Sledding

* Skiing/snowboarding

* Drive-in movie

* Escape room

* Top Golf

* Main Event

* Get Air

* Scavenger Hunt

* Go to a game or show

* Workout together

The date does not have to be super romantic, what matters is that you are spending quality time with the one you love. Do something that you know you will both enjoy together.