Dayton’s Not Dead: The Dakota Center

Dakota Center. Dayton, OH. Photograph: Michael Krieger/The Guardian

A local nonprofit helps the Dayton community with various programs for residents of all ages.

The Dakota Center, located at 33 Barnett St., Dayton, seeks to address social injustice in Dayton, according to Executive Director Michael Miller.

“(We) educate the whole person; that’s mind, body and spirit,” Miller said.

One way the center serves its community is through after-school programs, held Monday to Friday until 6 p.m.

Children who attend the Dakota Center’s programs are provided with a hot meal, help on their homework and the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities.

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The Dakota Center’s ten-week summer program allows children to enjoy field trips, aquatics and a reading program.

Dakota Center. Dayton, OH. Photograph: Michael Krieger/The Guardian

The center also offers a senior citizen program, which is focused on health and assistance with errands. Transportation for seniors is available to and from the center. Senior programs take place all year long.

The Dakota Center was founded in 1965 by two clergymen, Phillip C. Hoelle and William Hoben, according to Miller. Its mission has always been to build character, connect the community and support people in all walks of life, Miller said.

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Erin Wilson, the after-school program coordinator and recent graduate of Wright State, said she has enjoyed staying in the area and working for The Dakota Center. “Getting to see (students’) personal growth was a good benchmark for me. I was making a difference in their lives,” Wilson said.