Fad diets: poor techniques for weight loss

Fad diets that don't really work - Pexel
Fad diets that don’t really work – Pexel

There are always people looking to lose weight fast. The constant need for fitness shortcuts leads to popular diets that usually come with health consequences. These diets are known as “fad diets” and are not the way to go when hoping to lose weight.

Some signs that a new diet plan may be a fad diet are: it claims to cause fast and easy weight loss, there is no need for exercise and/or it highlights certain foods.

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These diets lead to weight cycling, which is losing weight, gaining it back and repeating the process several times. They can help shed weight, but in an unhealthy way. Which means the weight usually comes back as soon as you stop the diet.

Paleo, Keto and the lemon detox diet are all clear examples of fad diets.

These diets have been proven to be unhealthy due to the strict dietary restrictions that deprive the body of necessary nutrients. People who do these diets often lose weight rapidly but gain it all back once they stop dieting.

If a “fad diet” isn’t the way to go, what is?

It is important to make a lifestyle change that will help you reach and maintain the weight you want to be at. Weight loss should be slow. The slower the weight comes off, the easier it will be to keep the weight off.

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To do this, one must eat the right amount of foods for their body and make sure they are nutrient-dense.

Exercise is also an important key when wanting to lose weight. An exercise plan that includes cardio and strength training is beneficial when wanting to make a change in weight or appearance.

It is important to remember that trying to lose weight doesn’t mean that you can never have sugar or snacks. Keep room in your life for sweets – you will be happier and more motivated if you enjoy some of the food you eat.