Fitness Friday: Couch potato exercises

Fitness Friday: Couch potato exercises - photo: Pixabay
Fitness Friday: Couch potato exercises – photo: Pixabay

It is easy to sit down on the couch, turn on the TV and binge a show. Hours can pass in the blink of an eye, and then there’s no time to get in a workout. The couch potato life is tempting but unhealthy. Below are a few exercises you can do while living out your couch-potato dreams.

Seated floor taps- 10 reps

While in a seated position on the couch, reach your arms overhead and then bring them down to touch your toes, bending at the waist.

This strengthens the lower back and shoulder muscles.

Seated oblique twists- 60 seconds

Have your arms out in front of you and twist your upper body back and forth quickly, keeping your head stationary.

Seated punch twists- 45 seconds

These are the same as the seated oblique twists except when you turn, you are going to swing your arm like a punch.

This method works more muscle groups, meaning you burn more calories.

Trunk flexion- 60 seconds

Raise your hands above your head and lean your upper body down to one side and then to the other. The movement resembles the up and down of a seesaw.

This works your abdominal muscles.