Netflix Review: The Umbrella Academy

Netflix Review: The Umbrella Academy | Photograph: Media-Amazon
Netflix Review: The Umbrella Academy | Photograph: Media-Amazon

If you are someone who anticipates the arrival of Netflix’s movies or shows, you might have heard of “The Umbrella Academy.”

It goes without saying that this show, by the looks of the trailer, is not what it seems; if you have seen it and were immediately critical, just wait.

Set in a world where superheroes exist, “The Umbrella Academy” starts off with an odd and seemingly impossible phenomenon: in 1989, 43 babies are born to random women, who were not pregnant. Hence the extremely odd scene of the trailer.

The beginning of “The Umbrella Academy” is strange, yes, but it is worth it.

As the episode goes on, the audience is fast-forwarded to 2019. Seven out of the 43 babies were adopted by a millionaire industrialist, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who creates the academy and raises the children to use their discovered powers to fight crime. Using the children as a form of juvenile police force, it’s obvious that Hargreeves is not the loving father figure a kid would want.

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Because of their peculiar and difficult childhood, they break away and go their separate ways; until an unfortunate event occurs that brings them all back together.

In a world where an intelligent monkey with a British accent is your butler, your mom is a robot and you must solve your most important problem, mysteries creep around every corner.

There is no getting past it. After the first episode, and maybe a few more, you will be asking yourself: “what the actual flapjack just happened?”

Apart from the amazing acting and storytelling, the music choice and soundtrack to the fighting sequences are absolutely genius. The hairs on audience’s arms will stand in ovation.

While “The Umbrella Academy” is unlike any other show, audiences pick up on the similar ambience that this show has. With a fascinating fuse of Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “Baby Driver”, this is not a show you will want to pass up.

If you saw the Netflix trailer for this show and thought it looked too weird, think again. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a comic book come to life?