Spring Break in Dayton? Upcoming events to attend

Dayton skyline. Photograph by Soham Parikh/The Guardian.

Looking for something to do after spring break? Dayton’s buzzing with all kinds of events throughout the year. Below are a few ideas to start.

The Improvised Musical with Trey Stone & The Black Box Band

On March 9, one of Dayton’s most beloved shows, the Improvised Musical, will feature musicals made up on the spot by talented artists. This time, Trey Stone & The Black Box Band are making their appearance. The show is two hours long and is $15 a ticket. For more information: daytonlocal.com.

Sunday Movies at Main

This event is for all film lovers. If you haven’t had the chance to watch certain classics, foreign films, independent cinema or documentaries, now is the time. Just get to the Dayton Library by 1:30 p.m. on March 10, arm yourself with popcorn and enjoy your time. Plus, it’s free.

Walk-in painting at Decoy Art Center

Create your own work of art Decoy Art Center’s studio. From Feb. 24 through June 30, you can choose a project you have an interest in, such as; pottery, glass, canvas and slate, and start painting them. Prices vary depending upon the project you choose and the tools you use, like paints, stencils and so on. Make sure to give yourself at least an hour and a half. More dates and times can be found at daytonlocal.com.

2nd Street Market

Open Thursday to Saturday all year long, 2nd Street Market welcomes you to experience the food-focused farmer’s market. From stalls full of fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods to eateries filled with pastries, breads, pies and more, this event is a food-lover’s dream. And if you need a break from sampling, wine and handmade items can keep you busy. More information can be found at daytonlocal.com