Student Leadership Awards ceremony to be held in April

Photograph by Soham Parikh/The Guardian.
Photograph by Soham Parikh/The Guardian.

On April 11, the annual Student Leadership Awards will take place in the Student Union Apollo Room. The awards ceremony will begin at 5 p.m. and end at 7 p.m.

Awards are presented to organizations or individuals for outstanding contributions to Wright State.

There are seven individual awards and five organization awards, including Advisor of the Year. This year there will be a new individual award, called the Building Bridges.

“This award [Building Bridges] is open to any student, faculty or staff who has built bridges and made things possible for organizations,” said Pigg.

According to the Student Activities website, a member who has gone above and beyond by working collaboratively with student organizations, campus leaders, offices, or departments to move student life forward at Wright State University can be nominated for this award.

“It’s a chance for individuals and organizations on campus to receive recognition for all the hard work they put in. For how they’ve developed as leaders and how they’ve contributed to this campus,” said Hannah Pigg, graduate assistant in Student Activities.

Throughout the last few months, individual students and student organizations were nominated through Engage.

“You can go to the Office of Student Activities Engage page and fill out the form,” said Pigg. “There’s an option on the first page of the form to select ‘I am nominating an individual/organization’ and it prompts you to pick the award and talk about why you’re nominating them.”

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In order for organizations to be nominated, they have to be registered with the Office of Student Activities. That list can be found on

For individual student leaders, anyone who showcases strong leadership skills in the community, are eligible.

“All individuals are recognized even if they are not given that particular award,” said Pigg. “There is a panel who look at the candidates and select the winners of each category.”

Student Leadership Awards / Photo by WSU Student Affairs Website
Student Leadership Awards / Photo by WSU Student Affairs Website

“We would like to encourage people to consider people who graduated in December for awards,” said Pigg. “They were leaders too, and they should be recognized.”

For more information about the awards visit their site at: