Weekly Horoscopes

grimoire - Weekly Horoscopes
grimoire – Weekly Horoscopes

The stars have a week of emotions and surprises in store for you. Check out your weekly horoscopes for March 25 through the 30.


The Moon is experiencing warmer temperatures than usual dear Aries. This could be a sign your romantic relationships are heating up too! Is there someone you often think about but never try to pursue? Later this week you will get a surge of confidence to ask this cutie out! Some easy energy will flow around communication this weekend, which is a relief, since that last Super Moon has been making things difficult.


Astrologers love to talk about how hardworking and obsessed with money you are, mindful Taurus. This week you might start to see a big reward for your long invested hours in a project! Communication will flow easily as the week goes on. If there are any areas of your life you have neglected to talk about do so now! This is a crucial time to get clear around your boundaries and emotions.


The stars are encouraging you to focus on self-care this week Gemini. Communication in and out of the office has been difficult due to the last super moon, but some clarity will arrive on Thursday. An area of your relationships have exhausted you mentally and emotionally the last few weeks but Sunday its time to get real about your feelings. A hard conversation is on the way, but if you know what’s important to you, you’ll know how to handle it. 


The universe is encouraging you to slow down and tap into your very strong intuition. There is someone in your life that you want to be closer to, whether that be romantically or professionally. Is this person a possible mentor or is it a fling? Try to be clear about what you want. This is an important time to get clear on your values and what’s important to you:


Expect some sparks this week dear Leo! Their is passion in the air, but so is confrontation. You are so quick to the defense but this week take a step back and listen. Your actions are very crucial right now and taking a step back to take a deep breath is important. The stars are sending you positive vibes by the end of the weekend just in time for you to settle into a lifestyle change. Make sure you take time to rest.


The moon is spinning just fine Virgo! Which means all those stresses from weeks prior will finally begin to settle this week. Your fresh start is here —what new projects are you pursuing, and what new standards are you setting for yourself? Your mind will begin to feel less overwhemed, make sure to relax some this week.


Today’s new moon is a perfect time for activities that help you get in touch with your inner voice, such as meditation or journaling. The last few weeks have felt as though you couldn’t get caught up. Now is the time to enjoy that slow down of events.


This week Scorpio you will meet and revisit old and new friends from the past. This could be good because these are opportunities to reminisce and laugh. If these are people you would rather not see, just keep walking. Put those sunglasses on and ignore them. You’re too cool for those fools Scorpio.


Have you been stressed over the present and future Sagittarius? Don’t allow these thoughts to overwhelm you this week, the stars encourage constructive thinking of your professional goals and your public life. Mercury is sideways, helping conversations move forward.


Adventure is out there Capricorn, even if it’s just taking a hike or walk in a new location. The stars are encouraging you to do things healthy for mind and body. Expect communication to be difficult this week. You might find yourself repeating instructions but remain patient


You’re in an intense mood early this week Aquarius. You might be feeling the universe telling you that there are some important shifts taking place. There’s a new moon in approaching which will begin helping you work past some fears. Continue to work on your goals this weekend. 


Your relationships are so important to you, Pisces. Lately it feels as though your close circle has abandoned you though, fear not. The universe has just kept everyone busy. There could be a fresh start in your partnerships, look for a cutie in a yellow hat at your local Dunkin Donuts this weekend.