Fitness Friday: Boxing workout

Fitness Friday: Boxing workout
Fitness Friday: Boxing workout / Pexel

A boxing workout is a great way to increase stamina, strength and speed. The workouts that are used by boxers are often intense and vary in the activities that are done. Here are just a few components that could get you started with this great form of exercise and a weekly plan.

Notice: It is important to use hand wraps and boxing gloves when hitting a heavy bag in order to protect the bones in the hands.


Jump rope for three one-minute rounds

Five sets of 10 pushups

25 air squats

25 lunges

10 burpees

Shadow box to practice the form, using a jab, uppercut, hook and cross

Tuesday/Weight training day

Lift heavy weights to gain muscle strength and endurance

Include exercises like squats, curls, crunches, pull-ups, lat-pulldown, etc.



Run intervals on the treadmill – 30 second sprint, one-minute jog for 25 minutes


Jump rope



Air squats

Heavy bag workout

– 1.5 minutes of punching

– One minute of punching

– 30 seconds of punching

– Rest

– Repeat


Rest Day