Music Review: Billie Eilish
Music Review: Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish released her debut album, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” on March 29. She is currently the sixth most listened to artist in the world on Spofity with over 44 million listeners a month.

The album features 10 new songs and includes four previously-released songs. Below are the songs on the album in order:

1. “!!!!!!!” – this 14-second introduction is hilarious

2. “bad guy” – this song switches to a different beat partway through, feeling like two songs in one

3. “xanny” – the bass in this song juxtaposes her soft, quiet voice

4. “you should see me in a crown” – this song had already been released. Watch the music video if you haven’t already click here 

5. “all the good girls go to hell” – the beat in this song is very catchy and the song includes Eilish joking around at the end

6. “wish you were gay” – this song had also already been released and is one of my favorites. In this song, Eilish is singing to a male that she fell in love with that did not love her back. She wished that he was gay so that there would be a reason for his not liking her other than him just simply not liking her. In an interview, Eilish said that this man has in fact recently come out

7. “when the party’s over” – this song had already been released and is another one of my favorites

8. “8” – this song was originally entitled “see through” and sounds as if Eilish is singing a duet with a little girl

9. “my strange addiction” – this song includes lines from “The Office”/”Threat Level Midnight” before and within the song. The chorus is catchy

10. “bury a friend” – this song had already been released

11. “ilomilo” – this song is new and fairly repetitive

12. “listen before i go” – this song is one of my favorites of the new songs because it is the most mellow. It is about someone who is about to commit suicide and the songs ends with sirens in the distance getting louder and someone’s scream

13. “i love you” – of the new songs from this album, this is one of my favorites

14. “goodbye” – this song features lines from other songs on the album in reverse order of the way they appear on the album

The songs progress from less to more mellow as the album progresses. The album is catchy, deep and great.

It is evident that music is a form of therapy for Eilish, as many of her songs are about her struggles with love. Specifically, multiple songs follow the theme of her loving someone and them not loving her back.

Eilish’s diction sounds better than that of most other singers. However, she has many similar-sounding harmonies and chord progressions in her songs.