Organization Spotlight: ACE

Organization Spotlight: Advocates for Cultural diversity and Excellence Photograph by Soham Parikh/The Guardian.
Organization Spotlight: Advocates for Cultural diversity and Excellence (ACE)  / Photograph by Soham Parikh/The Guardian.


With campus life and organizations continuously growing at Wright State, there will always be a place for students to go. If you are looking a strong, female-empowered sorority to join, consider Advocates for Cultural diversity and Excellence (ACE).

Becoming an official organization in February of this year, Advocates for Cultural diversity and Excellence is brand new and has many things in store.

“ACE started off toward the end of last semester. We are an Asian-interest sorority group working to charter the very first Asian-interest sorority onto this campus. Our goals are to provide services, promoting cultural diversity and making Wright State more diverse and inclusive,” said Seara Kim, president of ACE.

Since they only became an organization this year, ACE has been planning out the types of services they would like to provide in the coming semesters.

“Some of the services that we are looking to [focus on] is giving back to the community and to the campus. We’re all for women empowerment, but we also realize that the elderly need attention too. For next semester, we’re trying to reach out to nursing homes to volunteer. It’ll make a big difference to those that [might] be forgotten about, don’t have any kids or are just there by themselves,” said Kim.

Aside from volunteering with the elderly, ACE aspires to help clean the world and make it a better place.

“Another way we’ve talked about giving back to the community is cleaning up the highway,” Kim said.

A great thing about many of the organizations here, including ACE, is that they welcome anyone.

“We are only Asian by definition, not by tradition. It’s an Asian-interest group, but that doesn’t mean you have to be Asian [to join]. If your values and personality align and you believe the things that this group believes in, then you have a place,” said Kim.

Joining an organization is more than volunteering and helping to better the community; it is also about the bond you share with the people you are so closely working with.

“ACE is like one big family; we’re there for each other. [It’s] being able to open to them and having that reciprocated. I know I can go and talk about anything. For those that live on campus, [as well as commuters], and want to be involved, this is a good way to venture out and be a part of something. We are your home away from home,” Kim said.

As for events in the future, ACE is planning on hosting a week of different activities as well as a social. ACE also looks forward to friendly competition between other organizations by playing coin war, where the winner gets a reward and the money saved up would go to a good cause in the Dayton community.

“[It’s about] being able to come together for a great cause; everyone has that competitive spirit in them which is really good,” Kim added.

“Since we are an Asian-interest sorority and multicultural Greek organization, we do stroll. We follow lead with National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and have line names [as well],” said Kim.

For future events, keep up with ACE through their Facebook, Engage and Instagram.