SGA passes referendum to establish recreation facility on campus

Referendum to be voted on: What you need to know about a possible new facility on campus/ WSU Student Union entrance. Photograph: Michael Krieger/The Guardian
Referendum to be voted on/ WSU Student Union entrance. Photograph: Michael Krieger/The Guardian

A student referendum to establish an independent recreation facility at Wright State has passed. Starting next academic year, students will pay up to $260 per semester toward the facility.

Students’ money will finance construction and renovations to current recreation spaces on campus, according to SGA.

The referendum passed with 1,362 votes in favor and 1,287 opposed. Of the entire student population, 18.73 percent participated voted on the referendum.

The referendum passed with 18.73 percent participation from the student population. 1,362 people voted

“I believe a new rec facility is a tremendous thing for the long-term stability of our university,” said Adrian Williams, student body vice president.

Moving forward, the university plans to include the campus community in the future of the project, according to SGA.

“As the project progresses, all stakeholders of Wright State University will be invited to provide input to ensure the project meets the needs of the community,” a press release from SGA says.

SGA said it expects the facility to improve campus life at Wright State.

“It will encourage students to spend more quality time on campus, assist our low retentions rates, and bring our facilities more on part with those of competing universities,” Jones said.

“The referendum is the first public step towards its formation, and I am proud that the student body voted and share our vision.”