Dayton’s Not Dead: Lefty’s


Lefty’s Eats and Espresso, or Lefty’s, is a local coffee shop and restaurant owned by Lawren Williams; it opened around a year-and-a-half ago on March 28, 2018.

“There was, at the time I opened it, no other coffee shops or different types of food offered as we do here,” said Williams. “I was wanting to provide something fun and delicious for the community.”

Williams grew up in Fairborn and his family have always been big supporters of the community and Wright State University.

Lefty’s is named after Williams’ father, who visits for coffee and breakfast with his wife every morning, to honor him.

All the food served at Lefty’s is made fresh, including soups, salads and dressings. Lefty’s partners with several local businesses to insure the best experience for customers.

The Neighborhood Nest is one of Lefty’s partners and is a gluten-free bakery that supplies baked goods to be sold at Lefty’s.

Mehaffies Pies partners with Lefty’s, and at any given time, there are 10 different kinds of pie at Lefty’s.

Reza’s Roast is a local coffee bean roaster in Dayton that roasts coffee beans for Lefty’s. All of Lefty’s coffee beans come directly from a farm in Nicaragua, which ensures that the beans are sourced from one specific place and that both Lefty’s and the farm are getting a reasonable price.

Lefty’s also partners with Twister River, another local coffee roaster. Everyday, Lefty’s serves a different type of Twisted River coffee.

Lefty’s tries to source everything that isn’t made in-house locally for the best quality ingredients. Lefty’s goal is to create a fun, casual and homey atmosphere.

“If someone comes in, we become friends,” said Williams.

Lefty’s offers many different styles and types of food as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Their smoothies are made fresh with real fruit chunks. There are around 30 different flavors to mix and match in the frappes and different beverages. Everything is made in-house with real, fresh ingredients.

“I think our price point is reasonable, especially for the quality,” said Williams.

Lefty’s holds a free pie Wednesday special and two-dollar lattes on Tuesdays.

Lefty’s has a big community of regulars and loyal customers.

“I’m just really proud of the people that work for me. We’ve done a great job getting great people to work here. They love the public. They love the people that come in here,” said Williams.

Lefty’s is located at 2 West Main Street in Fairborn. Lefty’s is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.