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grimoire - Weekly Horoscopes
grimoire – Weekly Horoscopes


The stars have a week of emotions and surprises in store for you. Here is your week at a glance. Check out your weekly horoscopes for September 9 through the 14.


Like a rabbit Aries, you are one of the most analytical and cautious people of the zodiacs. There may be many decisions you are trying to make right now. For someone who is a very thoughtful and a perfectionist, analyzing the potential outcomes of these choices has drained your chakras. The stars are aligning this Thursday and you will soon have clarity on what to do. Take a walk through nature, it will help clear your mind.


Dogs are one of the most social and outgoing animals, and like these lovable creatures you Taurus are just as social. This week the moon is tilted to the right, which means you will find yourself involved in many social gatherings. Try to meet new people with an open mind. You might find yourself adopting a dog by the end of the week.


Although snakes get a bad rap Gemini they also mean bravery and individualistic. Like a snake you are able to tap into your intuition to seek the truth to things that bother your gut. Snakes brave harsh environments, predators and typically travel alone. You’re not afraid to venture out on an adventure on your own this week. The stars are giving you the guidance you need to try something new that you’ve always wanted.


Like an owl Cancer, you’re wise and thorough. Your friends and family come to you looking for clarity and guidance in life and you are able to give a birds eye view to help. Right now Pluto is squaring in on everyone’s signs making simple matters turn to chaos. You might feel overwhelmed this week with questions and advice from friends. On Wednesday turn your phone off and take some time for you.


Elephant’s are the most loyal and reliable creatures of the animal kingdom. Like you Leo, your friends know they can rely on you when they need you most. This week though you might find yourself wondering why you can’t rely on others as much as they rely on you. Don’t worry yet, the stars have been messing with everyone’s signs and all will return to normal soon.


Just like you, pigs are kind and caring creatures, always wanting to befriend other animals. Believe it or not but pigs are also pretty good listeners, which is something you’re extremely good at. This week you find yourself attending social gatherings with new faces and new names, don’t shy away from the spotlight. You will find yourself walking away with new friends and new memories.


Dolphin’s are known for being some of the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom and like you intelligent Libra, they are witty and observing. This week you will stumble upon a problem that others are facing, you can see the big picture so take a chance and get involved. You might find yourself making a difference for others and having fun too.


Wolves are often known for their leadership qualities and there’s like a ton of metaphors for wolves. Like you Scorpio, you are a strong leader and have a no nonsense type of personality. This week others will look to you for leadership. There will be conflict among your friends or coworkers and they will look to you for clarity. Don’t back away from this, step up and help lead others the best you can. The stars are guiding you, trust your abilities.


Panda Bear’s are the most adorable and lovable animals in the animal kingdom. It’s hard to not love a panda bear. Like you Sagittarius, it’s hard not to love to spend time with you or like you. This week you will feel pulled in too many directions by your loved ones. But don’t forget to take time for you! Love yourself a little this week Sagittarius and take a day to say no to others and say yes to some self care.


Like a Cheetah you are so full of energy Capricorn! You are constantly running from place to place from thought to thought and task to task. You’re tiring me out thinking about it! Take this weekend to relax. Even the speed racer of the animal kingdom has to sleep sometime. The stars suggest curling up with a good book or Netflix series to unwind on Saturday. This week will be a busy one so make sure to take time for you.


Swan’s are often associated with elegance and beauty. They are also symbolic of water and balance. Aquarius you are the embodiment of elegance and this week you will find yourself in a good head space. Your friends will look to your for guidance because you are able to see the two sides of a problem and find the middle ground. On Saturday you will find yourself taking on a new responsibility, don’t turn it down. This will be the beginning of something wonderful.


Alligator’s are known for latching down on their prey when they are hungry, the strength of their jaws could be a metaphor for your determination Pisces. Once you get a hold of a task or a project, you are all in and will get it done with perfectionism. This week you will be assigned a task you really don’t want to do. Try to approach the task with an open mind, you never know whose watching all your hard work which could lead to a new opportunity.