WSU welcomes 800 new students on Move In Day

Move in Day 2019 | Photo by Jessica Fugget | The Wright State Guardian
Move in Day 2019 | Photo by Jessica Fugget | The Wright State Guardian


Wright State University’s annual Move-In Day was Aug. 22 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. According to Dan Bertsos, director of Residence Life and Housing, 893 new students were signed up to move into campus housing. This was the 28th year of Operation Move-In, according to Wright State University.

“It ends up being about 1900 [students] between the returning students and the new students. This year it’s about half and half,” said Bertsos.

The freshman class of 2023 is the most ethnically-diverse class with 26 different countries being represented. Around a dozen countries are represented in on-campus housing, according to Bertsos.

“It was very quick. It felt very timed-out, like they knew exactly what they were doing,” said Noah Scott, a freshman at Wright State who lives on campus.

Bertsos’ job is focused on the residents and their campus living experiences. Bertsos is responsible for the Resident Assistants, business office and housing facilities.

“[I was impressed by] how nice everyone was,” said Jacob Poling, a freshman who lives on campus. They were very happy to move your boxes and stuff and bring them into your rooms. Everyone was just very organized and fast.”

Returning students moved in on Aug. 24. There are 29 residence halls on campus to accommodate all the new and returning students.

“I thought [Move-In Day] went really smoothly. Everyone was so nice!” said Morgan Tomlinson, a freshman who lives on campus.

There were over 150 move-in day staff and 300 student volunteers. There were many faculty and community volunteers.

“I thought [my move-in experience] was really good,” said Katelyn Yoder, a freshman who lives on campus. “[the best part was] probably meeting new people.”