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Day: November 13, 2019

WSU Hazing Prevention Week | Photo by Marissa Couch | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State stands against hazing

“Wright State is a huge advocate for anti-hazing. We believe in building each other up and developing each other professionally instead of tearing each other down,” said senior Beth Metcalf.

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Generation Z goes to the polls and WSU researchers are studying it

It has been a little over a week since residents went to the polls for Ohio’s local elections. This is also the first year many Gen Zers took part in voting. Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace are co-authors in a nation-wide study on Generation Z’s attitudes on politics and voting.

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Cimarron Woods Apartments | Photo by Jamie Penwell | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State roommate horror stories

We’ve all heard stories about our friends, significant others and even had our own stories to tell about bad roommates. I asked Wright State students about their bad roommates:

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