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Day: January 14, 2020

Photo by Shaddia Qasem | The Wright State Guardian

The Continuum Disaster (creative story)

“I just don’t understand how you all can be celebrating right now,” Axel said to his long-time friends. “You drag me to this party to celebrate the end of an awful year when the next one won’t be any better!”

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Happy 2020: Write the full date on your checks

As we adjust to writing a new year on dates, it must be considered that checks should not be signed without the full intended year.

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Mark your calendars: spring 2020 athletics schedules

While you add your assignments and homework to your schedule, make sure to add these dates for Raider sports games too.

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Guardian Spot: Parkour before school starts

In this episode of the Guardian Spot, school hasn’t started yet. Our Jamie Penwell and Shelby Prenger attempt to do parkour in the Student Union.

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