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Month: April 2020

Streaming services | Photo by Daniel Delgado | The Wright State Guardian

Free services and discounts during quarantine

During this difficult time in which everyone is dealing with the stresses from the coronavirus, many services are offering great deals and discounts to help people cope.

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Shinedown Concert at the Nutter Center Feb 28 - Papa Roach/ Photograph Paige Cobos/The Guardian

Ticketmaster changes its refund policy due to coronavirus

Across the world, shows and concerts have been postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus. With Ticketmaster being the top company in ticket sales, their new policy might affect those with tickets to shows at the Nutter Center.

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Essential Employee Spotlight: Dayton Foodbank

The unsung heroes of today’s society are those working to provide basic needs, things otherwise not thought about, to people who find themselves dealing with financial hardships during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Guardian Gallery: With God’s Grace, WSU food drive

In the crisis where everything seems to have been frozen to a standstill, this short trip truly made me appreciate the continuous hard work these fearless leaders are putting day in and day out to make sure that Daytonians don’t suffer.

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Music Review: “The New Abnormal” by The Strokes

Somewhat derivative at times in its melodies and chord progressions, it’s still an enjoyable album that manages to push the band’s musical boundaries while keeping their songwriting signatures.

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