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Day: April 3, 2020

Fun apps to pass the time | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

Five gaming apps to play with other people

Going into the third week of quarantine, it’s understandable to go be going a little stir crazy not being able to interact with people and missing friends. Luckily, we have the technology to help us get through a time that might be difficult dealing with alone.

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What to do to not go stir crazy | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Things to do to avoid going stir crazy

Group activities like bonfires with friends and pool parties aren’t an option right now but students can still find ways to enjoy the outdoors and take a break from online schooling.

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Operations of business and facilities for the future

Several changes have been made this month regarding which businesses can stay open and which need to temporarily close due to Governor Mike DeWine’s orders.

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