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Day: April 22, 2020

DIY ideas for college students

How to apply for unemployment in Ohio

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a mass number of people to become unable to work and resulted in a huge spike in unemployment rates.

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Laker Life: Essential workers and student life combined

College students sometimes find themselves struggling to balance school and work, but for essential workers during this time, it is even more difficult.

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Books stacked | Photo by Shawn Kimberlin | The Wright State Guardian

QuaranREAD: How to find books for free

Reading can be the perfect escape, and since we’re all practicing social distancing, it’s the perfect time to hole away and escape into a different world.

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From the frontlines: Physicians, medical workers adapting to changes

Healthcare workers are vital to treating those inflicted with the coronavirus. They are fighting on the frontlines to flatten the curve and are risking their health and their family’s health every day to help those in need.

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