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Month: November 2021


Events on Campus Week of Nov. 29

Events for the week of Nov. 29 include Spanish Conversation Hour, Fencing Club Bake Sale and Women’s Basketball.

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Weekly Horoscopes

We all have our specific order at Starbucks… but there may be a drink that you have not tried yet that could become your new favorite.

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Meta logo

Facebook Changes Name to Meta: What to Expect

On Oct. 28, Facebook announced in a virtual reality conference that the social media giant will be changing its name to “Meta” and announced its new flagship project called the “Metaverse.”

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GTV: Dayton’s Not Dead: Front Street

Video by Sabian Berdin | The Wright State Guardian

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Graphic of 5 ways to work out in your room

Three Ways to Workout Without Leaving Home

Exercise is scientifically proven to improve mental health, but with the winter weather setting in it can be difficult to get to the gym.

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