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Day: October 25, 2022

Guardian Morning News

The Wright State Guardian’s Editor-in-Chief Jamie Naylor, Managing Editor Alexis Lewis and Wright Life Editor, Emily Mancuso join up with WWSU 106.9 FM to host Guardian News Hour.

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Documentaries to Watch Based on Major

While the semester seems to just keep getting busier, it’s important to take some time to relax; but, if you want to still feel productive and learn something, students might enjoy sitting back and putting on a documentary. Here are some documentaries to watch based on major.

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2022 World Cup Preview: U.S. Men’s National Team

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is coming up in November, and the United States Men’s National Team will compete at the highest level of competition after qualifying for the event.

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Dining on Campus: Hours and Opinions

Students and staff provide opinions about Wright State University’s dining hall services, including coffee, food and other treat spots.

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