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Day: February 23, 2023

GTV: Week in the Life of the Wright State Guardian

Our mission is to provide essential news to the WSU community. With supporters like you, we can continue to write about what matters.

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3MT Competition Brings Research Opportunity to Campus

Wright State University masters and doctoral students present and compete in a new research competition hosted by new graduate school.

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Guardian Gallery: The Guardian at Work

In honor of Student Press Freedom Day, Staff Photographer Monica Brutto took pictures to share what the Guardian office looks like on an average day.

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Letter From The Editors: ‘Brave Journalism and Bold Advocacy’

Guardian Editors Meeting | Photo by Monica Brutto | The Wright State Guardian Editor-in-Chief Jamie Naylor and Managing Editor Alexis Lewis co-wrote this article. Despite the perceived glamor, managing a digital newspaper and media group is not easy, especially when you always have to be mindful about the content you publish and how you and […]

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