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Day: January 25, 2024

WSU Motion Pictures Presents “Doc Night” at The Neon

12 Motion Pictures students presented their mini-documentaries, with topics such as human trafficking, spooky hauntings, and more, at Dayton-staple movie theater The Neon on Jan.11

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Club Spotlight: Analytics Club

The Analytics Club is a new student organization working to unlock the power of data in business and society. The club spreads knowledge regarding data-driven insights and decision-making, improved marketing and skilled growth. 

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Student Initiatives for Full-Time Neurodivergent Center Staff and Representation

The Student Government Association has approved a resolution that proposes the hiring of an Assistant Director of Neurodivergence and Accessibility. AJ Allen, director of student organizations, sponsored this resolution, and Ariana Ellis, chief of staff, co-sponsored the initiative.

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