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419 Alive: Blessed Nutrition

Blessed Nutrition | Photo by Heather Byers

Blessed Nutrition is a locally owned smoothie bar in the heart of Celina, OH, that offers customers healthy and delicious options in the form of energy teas, smoothies and more.


Owner and wellness coach Heather Byers started Blessed Nutrition back in 2013. The business was created after, then owner, Amber Heiney and Byers came together to create a space for people to come together.

“I went to college for business and my vision was to have a business of my own. I thought it would be really cool to have a space that was really fun and positive. But the only places that I knew were like that were coffee places, but the kicker is that I don’t like coffee,” Byers said. 

Blessed Nutrition was originally Lake Nutrition, a name that would change in October of 2020. After Heiney moved to North Carolina, Byers stepped up and took the business on as her own.

Blessed Nutrition | Photo by Heather Byers

Byers is a Wright State University (WSU) Lake Campus alumna and was born and raised in Celina, OH. She currently has two children who have grown up along with the business. 

“I’ve always wanted to be a present parent but I also wanted to be able to pursue my own goals and dreams as well. It’s so much fun with the community. Because of these connections, a lot of people have gotten to see my kids grow up,” Byers said.

The Lord leading the way

Blessed Nutrition got its name after the lease was up on the building and Byers considered changing locations. 

“I just kind of prayed about it and was searching for guidance and this was the name that the Lord led me to. I kept seeing it everywhere and I knew it was confirmation for me,” Byers said. 

Blessed Nutrition’s goal is to give people space where they can feel comfortable and welcome while also having healthy options to nurture their bodies. 

The business offers full meal replacement shakes, energy tea, iced coffees, post-workout protein shakes, protein snacks, energy boosters and fat-burning enhancers. 

Their energy boosters and teas promise to not give drinkers a crash like other energy drinks. Each item in their menu is loaded with vitamins that promote health and wellness.

With over 20 smoothie flavors, Blessed Nutrition is bound to have exactly what customers are craving for the day. 

Words from the community

WSU student and Celina local Macey Thees used to work at Blessed Nutrition back when it was called Lake Nutrition.

“I love it, I think it’s great for the community. I usually get a lit tea or a meal replacement shake. It’s a really great option for people who are looking for healthy lifestyle options,” Thees said.

Blessed Nutrition | Photo by Heather Byers

Coldwater local Corey Herzog heard about Blessed Nutrition through his friends and social media.

“I really love Blessed Nutrition! The drinks are delicious and healthy and the atmosphere there just has such great vibes,” Herzog said. “I usually get a ‘bad n boujee’ it’s an energy drink on their premium menu. It aids in healthy digestion and also has hydration and energy boosters. It’s affordable and makes me feel great all day.”

Blessed Nutrition can be found on Facebook and Instagram under Blessed Nutrition and blessednutrition.celina respectively.

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor