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419 Alive: Ciao Bella Boutique

Ciao Bella | Photo submitted by Renee Rosenbeck | The Wright State Guardian

Ciao Bella, a boutique in downtown Celina, offers women’s clothing and accessories. The business originated in St. Henry but owner Renee Rosenbeck moved the boutique to its new home on Main Street in 2018. 


According to Rosenbeck, they decided to create a space for women in the area to purchase clothes that made them feel comfortable in their skin. The boutique offers clothing sizes from small to three X and has a range of accessories for sale as well. They are located at 211 South Main St, Celina, OH.  

“I started at my home in St. Henry in 2014 until the inventory got to be a bit too much for our house. After four years in St. Henry, I decided to move my business to Celina, because my dream has always been to be on a busy Main Street. That move was the best decision for my business, and I truly love being a part of Celina’s downtown,” said Rosenbeck. 

The name for the boutique originated from a playful conversation with Rosenbeck’s children. 

“Ciao Bella means hello beautiful in Italian, and the phrase actually came from an Italian Mickey Mouse episode that my kids love. Mickey is trying to get Minnie to notice him, and he writes Ciao Bella in the clouds. My kids love that they helped in the naming process, and I love that it revolves around my customers knowing that they are beautiful,” said Rosenbeck. 

According to local resident Riley Schmidt, the boutique has a different style compared to other places in the area. 

Impact of the coronavirus 

According to Rosenbeck, the coronavirus changed how they looked at their business. Instead of focusing on the brick-and-mortar store, they had to focus more on online sales. 

“I love the relationships built in the storefront setting, but being closed encouraged me to pivot to sell online. So, during the shutdown, we got to work on a website, and now my business is 50% in-store & 50% online which I expect to continue growth in,” said Rosenbeck. 

Local resident Lillian Brookhart appreciates the online options for the boutique. 

“I had always seen the store, but never actually had time to stop by, but when I found their website, I was able to actually see what they all had to offer,” said Brookhart. “My online shopping has skyrocketed in the past year and I’m glad to be supporting a local business.” 

Catering to women 

According to Rosenbeck, Ciao Bella caters to women after they have had children. While they still have clothing for all women, Rosenbeck is happy that they can help women to feel comfortable in their newly changed bodies. 

“I pay attention to materials, how they will fit curves and the comfort of the pieces. After children the wardrobe needs change, and we are here to help right after and years beyond,” said Rosenbeck. 

Ciao Bella offers clothing styles for all women while not sacrificing comfort for style when they can offer both to customers.  

Find Ciao Bella on Facebook, Instagram and their website, Keep an eye out for the 12 Days of Christmas event on Facebook and Instagram.

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor

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