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419 Alive: Southside Bar and Grill

Southside Bar | Photo by Rose Post

Southside is located in Coldwater, OH, and is known for its smoked meats, comfortable atmosphere and entertainment. The restaurant/bar has a long documented history that continues to evolve with each year. 

The history 

Owner Rose Post and her family were born and raised in Coldwater, OH. Down the road from her childhood home sits Southside and even further down 118 is where she raised her own family. 

“We drove past this place all the time with the for sale sign out front and finally, my husband brought it up to me. I’ve worked at the Dairy Land my entire life. My parents owned that, so I’ve got a little bit of management skills, we’ve got construction skills, maintenance skills and we have four boys who like to eat a lot of food. So we thought, ‘okay, let’s try it,’” Post said. 

Post bought Southside in 2009, but the history runs much deeper than that. The building was originally a grocery store built by Vincent Schmidt and Ralph and Albert Jutte in Macedon, OH around 1948. From 1952 to 1953, the store was picked up and moved to its current location by three tractors.  

Once it was placed at 490 South Second Street, the building went through a number of hands and names. With each new owner, the building turned into an ice cream parlor, bar, pizza place and restaurant.  

The previous owners extended the kitchen and added a drive-thru carry out which is still the design of the building today. 

According to the information gathered by past and current owners, the newest version of Southside has the style of nostalgia. Pieces around the building include an old Harley Davidson, Coldwater history, New Idea history, local sports teams and heroes from the community. 


In 1980, Southside became the birthplace for the world’s largest MD Softball Tournament. The event raises money for finding the cure for Muscular Dystrophy (MD). The MD Tournament continues to draw people from miles around. 

Southside also participates in Thanks To Our Yanks, a putt-putt event where all proceeds go to active-duty military and veterans.  

According to Post, another draw is the Eldora Speedway located in Rossburg, OH. Eldora is one of the only dirt tracks still used and is currently owned by Tony Stewart. 

“We’ll get people from all over the country. Once we get them one year, they keep coming back,” Post said.  

Southside has an outdoor patio that hosts entertainers for guests. The coronavirus impacted the business, but members of the community continued to show support by ordering and using the drive-thru.  


Southside prides itself on their smoked brisket and ribs, along with their relaxed atmosphere and specials. 

They provide a range of food like whole hog BBQ, ice-cold fish bowls of beer (domestic and craft), pizza, soup, salads, sandwiches and subs. 

According to local resident Jake Meyer, Southside has the best pizza in town. Though he is away at college, Meyer still loves the pizza experience.  

Another coldwater native Megan Roessner remembers times before the coronavirus. 

“I enjoy the restaurant and the big family-friendly atmosphere! I’ve enjoyed family dinners and frequent get-togethers with friends, pre-covid of course. The staff was wonderful,” said Roessner.  

More information 

Southside has a Facebook page titled Southside Restaurant/Spirits where individuals can access the menu, discover the history of Southside and keep up to date on ongoing specials.  

Customers may also notice the original 1955 Harley Davidson Panhead motorcycle on display at Southside. The motorcycle is fully functional and refurbished by the Post family.  

“While we don’t have time to ride it ourselves, after retirement, my husband will,” said Post 

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor