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419 Alive: Tailspin Brewing Co.

Tailspin | Photo by Roxanne Roessner | Edited by Kayli Thompson | The Wright State Guardian

Tailspin Brewing Co. is a veteran owned brewing company on the outskirts of Coldwater, OH. The owners, Jack and Terese Waite, started the business after moving back to Coldwater after 23 years of service. Tailspin offers patrons a variety of beer that ranges from pale ales to stouts that change quarterly for seasonal purposes. 

The history 

According to Waite, the military gave him a strong sense of leadership and assessing risk that made them want to spend their retirement doing something challenging. Mrs. Waite, a Coldwater native, brought the family back to the small village and the couple searched for the perfect place to start their business. 

“When this great old barn became available, we jumped on it. After walking through it and getting the feel of it, we knew this is where we wanted to build Tailspin,” said Waite. 

The barn has been a fixture in Coldwater since 1933 and is used as a guidepost for directions due to its unique look and old stone silo out front. 

“It’s about beer, but people are looking for the destination. Anytime you can craft them a feeling tied to that destination, that’s what brings them back. After having a lot of oversea assignments in Germany, a lot of those restaurants and small breweries are cozy and warm. That’s what we wanted to do with Tailspin,” said Waite.  

Waite started brewing his own beer in 2011, five years before they started Tailspin and found that creativity ran wild with brewing beer. Originally from Baton Rouge, LA, Waite found a love for cooking and flavor and put them to use in creating craft beers after his years as an F-16 Fighter Pilot. 

The brews 

“From month to month and even year to year, people’s taste around here has evolved. One of the neat things about people willing to taste craft beer is that they are always ready to try new things,” said Waite.  

Currently at Tailspin, there are 12 beers available. They are the Guernsey Gold Cream Ale, Quent’s Irish Red Ale, Berry Bomber Ale, 9GZ India Pale Ale, Wooden Shoe Lager, Shelter In Place Ale (Session IPA), Spitfire Ale with Maple Pecan, Tailspin Oktoberfest Lager, Ohio Sky Ale, North 40 Lager, Whirling Wit and Uncle Gus Milk Sout with Peanut Butter.  

“If I can’t sell beer in Coldwater, Ohio or in Mercer County, then I shouldn’t be in this business,” said Waite. 

According to Waite, people often ask when the next beers are coming while at the same time asking for their favorites to come back. The demographic of the brewery has lowered in age in the past years, but ranges from 30-40. 

“Tailspin has been a very nice addition to Coldwater,” said local resident Lillian Brookhart. “It is a really great place to catch up with friends on a casual Friday or for a few wedding pictures in the loft. I have also enjoyed their Summer Series beers. It keeps me looking forward to each new batch! It has been a very versatile venue to incorporate into our social lives.” 

A word from the community 

According to Waite, many of the regulars to the brewery become like family members to the establishment. The community seems to agree that the staff and ambiance are welcoming every time.  

“It has a great atmosphere and super friendly people that work there. Excellent selection of craft beers. Our grown children enjoy stopping in there when they are back home visiting,” said local resident Jane Bruggeman. 

The Tailspin family and his own family are Waite’s inspiration. When hiring new members, Waite is sure to choose people that understand the commitment it takes to be a part of the family. 

“It was a fun experience with a homey feel to it. The staff was always welcoming to explain any of the drinks,” said local resident Colin Frederick. 

Patrons can also find explanations of the various beers on the Tailspin website. 

Hours and contact 

Thursday: 3 p.m.–10 p.m. 

Friday: 3 p.m.–11 p.m. 

Saturday: 1 p.m.–11 p.m. 

Sunday: 1 p.m.–7 p.m. 

Partons can visit Tailspin at 626 S 2nd Street in Coldwater, OH, or visit their Facebook page, Tailspin Brewing Company. Their website is

Tailspin has an upper room that can be rented out for small gatherings. These gatherings range from birthday parties, bridal showers, engagement parties and more. The business hopes to rencorportate live music in the future, but is cautious due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor