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4th of July Celebration Ideas

Sparklers | Photo courtesy of Pexels

Happy 4th of July! Here are a few ideas for you to celebrate our independence from the British in 1776. Americans have celebrated this national holiday for 244 years so far, but with the changes our county has been facing, we may have to celebrate differently this year.


Because of Coronavirus, several 4th of July activities have been canceled due to Ohio’s limitation of mass gatherings of over 100 people. Communities are unable to regulate crowds at this size and therefore have to change their yearly plans.

These include firework events, parades, and community cookouts. However, there are ways people are able to celebrate at home or with little interaction with large crowds.

This may change on July 1, 2020, once the Stay Safe Ohio Order expires, but until then, we encourage readers to celebrate safely and courteously.


Nothing says “Happy Independence Day” more than fireworks. Stop by a local supplier of fireworks (if you are at least 18 years old) and purchase a few to spark up. They may not be as big as your town or city would have had, but even sparklers create a night of fun.


If you do not have access to these small-scale explosives that Americans hold near and dear to their hearts, then a suggestion would be to create your very own personal light displays by catching fireflies.

Find a mason jar and put breathing holes in the top of it. Be sure to not make them too large or else the fireflies will escape. Set them around outside and take in the summer night.

When the day is over, release the insects back into the wild and be sure to wish them a happy 4th of July.

Not celebrating

Another possible activity to do for 4th of July is to spend the day doing what you want. This holiday celebrates independence and freedom. There are no set rules for you to follow. If you would want to sit at home and eat a tub of ice cream, then you are in luck.

Being American is something that we simply are. In light of recent events, if you are uncomfortable with celebrating independence and freedom when it feels as though this independence and freedom have not been shared with all Americans, then that is your right. Celebrate the change that America is going through. Celebrate what it could be.

Movie night

Continuing this, if you are unable to celebrate the 4th of July because of work or previous commitment, then a movie night might be the best bet.

Turn on “Independence Day” on Netflix and watch battles between humans and aliens until you fall asleep. Check out “The Patriot” or “National Treasure” while you are at it!

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor

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