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A new wardrobe for a new you

A new wardrobe for a new you | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

A new wardrobe for a new you | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

It’s no secret that looking your best can help you feel your best.

Good sleep, healthy eating and regular exercise are all parts of self-care.

But a new wardrobe, or at least a reinvention of your existing one, can be a huge component of self-care to help you be the best that you can be this year.

To start off, get yourself a new pair of shoes.

Make sure that they are comfortable and easy to walk around campus in. A sneaker or slip-on is a great option here. Even if this is the only change that you make to your wardrobe this year, it will change each outfit and your mood drastically.

A shiny, fresh pair of sneakers can make you feel instantly put together as opposed to your old and worn out pair. An additional bonus to this change is that your new shoes will likely have more support than your old ones and keep your feet feeling comfortable all day no matter how busy your schedule is.

Another item that can change your entire wardrobe is a good pair of jeans.

Get a pair that fits you perfectly.

These will be your go-to jeans throughout the year; they will not only help you feel great, but help you save time in the mornings because you already know what pair of jeans will look great and feel great. Something as basic as nice fitting blue jeans can make you look put together and more dressed up than you would think.

When trying to reinvent your wardrobe, think about what you realistically and routinely wear to class. If you know you will end up wearing sweatshirts and pull-overs, look for nicer versions of these items. A nice crew neck sweater or thick zip-up jacket are still comfortable and easy while also being a step up from your basic sweatshirt.

Additionally, statement pieces such as fun pants, stylish jackets and bold accessories can elevate any outfit when paired with everyday basics. For days when you want to show extra personality and make an impression, these options are perfect because they are effortless to style with average pieces yet still look completely different than your normal class attire.